„Chu-Chu Princess of Tongsa“ , the little princess from the Bhutan royalty

Chu-Chu und die Königin von Buthan - © H.J. Panitz, Schweiz

During an expedition in summer of 1992 the married couple Inge and Jacky Panitz from Switzerland has been granted a wonderful gift from 'Ashi Tshering Yangdon Wangchuck', the queen of Bhutan: Chu-Chu, the princess of tongsa. Just like old Tibetan tradition had it: a Lhasa as a gift for the best of friends.

Chu-Chu ca. 6 Monate alt - © H.J. Panitz, Schweiz

'Chu Chu' moved with familie Panitz to Switzerland where she is living a happy life now. She was the start of the Tibetan Line (TL) and brought lots of her qualities into the breeding 

Chu-Chu - © H.J. Panitz, Schweiz Chu-Chus Stammbaum - © H.J. Panitz, Schweiz

She has been introduced to the KTR (International Club for Tibetan Dogbreeds) and the married couple Bracksiek surveyed her. Both were very excited about Chu Chu, and they couldn't think of any reason of not registering for permission to breed with her. For sure she was the best choice of a Lhasa coming directly from the Himalaya that the Bracksiek's had seen in years: Very typical in all criterias and Chu Chu reminded a lot of the very first Apsos in Germany and those of the early Hamilton Line in the USA, especially when it comes to shape of the head, coat, movement, behaviour and stability.

Chu-Chu - © H.J. Panitz, Schweiz

„Chu-Chu“ was born in Tongsa which was were the ancestors of the nowadays ruling king of butan Jigme Singye Wangchuck ruled. She descended from their own Lhasa-Apso-Breed of the Royalty of Bhutan. For more than three generations Lhasa Apsos have been bred there.

Königin Mutter mit Apso (Kunsthaus Zürich) - © Armin Haab

In the nowadays generation of kingpins Jigme Ghesar Namgyel Wangcuk kept breeding the traditional Lhasa Apso. Familie Panitz had the chance to survey a royal litter with the queen during their expedition to Bhutan. The kingpin is well known as dog lover and is the owner of a big variety of dogs. Unfortunately conditions lead to discontinuation of this tradition.

Moti-Chu from Motithang - © H.J. Panitz, Schweiz

Chu-Chu was one of the last dogs of that breed. Unfortunately Chu-Chu passed away. The most probably last import from Bhutan 'Moti-Chu from Mothihang' (Pearl from the pearlmadow) has been named after the residence of the queen. 'Moti' is now the happiness of her family and she got everything under control, just like a traditional Lhasa Apso does.