..."von Tri-Song" puppies from:

April 16, 2018
look:  puppies "von Tri-Song"

phone: 0049 (0) 4822-362501


 "Othangi's" puppies from:

July 01, 2018
2 males and 2 females

phone 0049 (0) 4321-529743


Lhasa Apsos at "Othangi's" 
more Infos :
Susanne Borchert phone 0049 (0) 4321-529743



Now they are 9 weeks old and they haven gotten their names....

Norbu-Linka                               Nan-pa

Nima Chaaya-chu                      Na-lin..........
5 weeks old and some are looking for loving families..
Male 1                                Male 2
Female 1                                 Female 2
4 weeks old and slowly they are little dogs....

Male 1                                     Male 2

Female 1                              Female 2
Now they are nearly 3 weeks old and
have opened their eyes....

Male 1                                     Male 2

Female 1                                   Female 2
9 days old and they are developing magnificently. Lhamo takes care of her babies

Male 1                                                Male 2

Female 1                                                Female 2
Our puppies were born!
on July 01.2018 our four-leaf clover was born
We are happy!
Othangi's Lhamo-Shima and Ling-khor de Kehl Ta Zing
Pedigree of the puppies
I'Ling-khor de Kehl Ta Zing E'Pema Wangal de la Garde Adhemar B'Fo de la Garde Adhemar
B'Tsering de la Garde Adhemar
D'Tsega de la Garde Adhemar B'Fo de la Garde Adhemar
B'Gautama de la Garde Adhemar
Othangi's Lhamo-Shima Tong-Hua Bo H'Jalus Sangye Everglo Terso of Bo
Tong-Hua Dolmo-La
Othangi's I'Yamuna Ajasanga A-pa von Subijasa Schei-da
Othangi's E'Yangh-chen

Lhasa - Apso Kennel "...von Tri-Song"

For more information please contact 

Karin Acker:  acker@lhasa-apso-kasu.de

Phone: 0049 (0) 4822-362501

More photos: http://trisong.blogspot.com


At time we have not any puppies....