"normal"  Apso and Prapsot

"normal" Apso

Did you realize?                     Two different breeds?

No, these puppies are brothers and sisters from the same litter, a pure breeding from the Lhasa Apso. The ‘strange looking’ puppies are Prapsos: Perhaps an Apso... Lhasa Apsos with ‘smooth coat’, similar to the Tibetan Spaniel.

 Sometimes it happens: Lhasa Apso breeders have this surprise among their litter. Until about 4 weeks of age, all puppies are looking ‘normal’, only later, very slowly, you can see the difference: the early completed milk teeth and its getting even clearer with the growth of the hair. The coat around the head and their expressions suddenly remember to those of a Tibetan Spaniel puppy.

 Then the smooth coat develops differently around the legs and feet and our puppy starts to look obviously unlike the average puppy. This Puppy is unusual! It is the phenomenon of a ‘smooth coated’ Lhasa Apso, called the ‘Prapso’. An Apso with short hair.

The temperament in Prapsos is different as well: Prapsos are full of vigor and they are a cheekier than the other puppies! Most of all, the Prapso is the alpha-dog among the litter.

Owners of Prapsos are full of enthusiasm about the character and intelligence of their loved ones – and another practical side-effect: Prapsos never need their hair trimmed!

 It is not clear where this change in the coat is coming from, but it is genetically. It’s a pity that affected breeders don’t seem to talk about their Prapsos to each other. A Prapso is not a flawed breed and there is no reason to be ashamed of it. In my opinion it is things like bad bites or other hereditary defects we Apso breeders need to worry about. 

 Furthermore, it is important and necessary for a breeder to inform the new potential owner of the Prapso about their different looks. Most owners will find out sooner or later that their Prapso is a different from the average Lhasa.

 Meanwhile my Prapsos have found a new home with very nice families:


 to Tibet and Migou

Karin Acker and Susanne Borchert

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More about the Prapsos you can find on this page:

On following photos you can see the development our Prapsos:

7 weeks old Prapso female -"Migou"

7 weeks old  female "Tschönga"

8 weeks old Prapso-male "Tibet"

8 weeks old female "Cara"

10 weeks "Migou"

10 weeks "Tschönga"

10 weeks "Tibet"

10 weeks "Manja"

12 weeks "Migou"

12 weeks "Cara"

12 weeks "Tibet"

12 weeks male " Fu-Se-Kusho"

Prapso male "Tibet"

"normal" Apso female Tschönga"



"Tibet", called "Sazu"

"Tibet" - headstudy

These are the parents of this litter of 7 puppies - 2 are Prapsos

Here are furthermore photos of Prapso
Thanks to all letting have us these photos:

Prapsofemale with her friends in Danmark

Prapsomale "Buddha", now he is called "Lucky"

"Lucky" as an adult male...



Koem-po as a puppy

Koem-po as an adult 



..and Gauri-la, called now "Nima"


buttonDampa und Chani at the age of 9 months (left )
and at the age of 2 1/2 years (right)
further a headstudy from beside and front

adult Prapso und Prapsopuppy

Prapsopuppies  female and male

left as an adult

an right 7 months old

male 3 1/2 months

male and bitch 3 1/2 months old

Smooth Tibetan Terrier

Here some photos from a Shih-Tzu family: father longhaired (normal) mother smooth-coated. Thank you very much for these photos, Mindy Bergmann from Washington States in USA!



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