- Informationen -
about the “TL Program“ of the KTR/Germany

The TL-Project has been initialized with the purpose to locate authentic Lhasa and to integrate those into the actual breeding process. Originally the intention was to import the dogs from their country of origin and to help establishing them with the authentic American Apso breeds. As a matter of fact only one verified Lhasa-Apso-bloodline does exist worldwide that has its foundation in Tibet, respectively in the area of Lhasa, whose offspring has been purebred until today. Initially this genuine Tibetan line can be traced back to nine Apsos that has been sent over the years to the United States of America by the 13th Dalai Lama (7 dogs) and the 14th Dalai Lama (two more specimen in the year 1959). This particular line is called "Hamilton-Line", named after the "Hamilton-Farms", where this line has been established and developed.

Until today this genuine line has been continuously developed by dedicated breeders to keep the origins of the type authentic. After so many years of linebreeding without any fresh blood, It’s now necessary to integrate some fresh blood. Of course this can and should only be done with imported dogs from the Himalayas and the neighbouring States of Tibet, where many Tibetans escaped to. Other bloodlines in the American Lhasa scene are out of the question since they reveal traces of blood from the English bred Shih-Tzus and Shih-Tzu-Champions or other questionable  imports. Of course similar lines, which are mostly mixed with English dogs, are not acceptable for the same reason and hence useless for serious breeding purposes. English registrations in the early breeding attempts of Lhasa Apsos, Shih-Tzus and Tibet Terrier and their relation to each individual breed have been often questionable. All three breeds have been taken care of, issued and bred together concurrently and have been slowly re-invented in the course of time. The only genuine pure lines in England have been wiped out completely after the Second World War as a result of a distemper epidemic.

It’s been almost 25 years now that we breed with the offspring of the Hamilton-Line here in Germany. Dolsa Marlo Matador and Dolsa Red Alert have been the first representatives of these lines in this region and many later imports, besides one exception, were purebred Hamilton dogs, res. could be traced back to those dogs from Tibet, that have been purebred further in the United States. Because of additional imports from the Himalayas, we could await reinforcements for the old, genuine lines and a breeding program has been established that is now focusing on cross breeding dogs from traditional Tibetan origins with those from the Hamilton-Line. Along the line of this particular breeding program (the TL Program) only the genuine, traditional line will be crossed with imported dogs that fulfil only the best requirements for breeding and are a strong representative of its line. Only after having bred the third generation of this line (and the completed pedigree) those dogs will be available for other breeders to breed with. In the first instance those dogs will only be crossed among others from the same origin following these conditions: An import from the Himalayas-States (accepted for breeding purposes and x-rayed) crossed with the Hamilton-Line and/or any line with certified Tibetan origins.

These outlines shall be supervised by the committee members of the KTR. The committee agreed with the outline of this project in 1995 and should last until the completion of the pedigree. Duration of the project is until May 2005.


Overview about the TL program:

Foundation dogs:

1)  Bhutan Imports

  • Chu-Chu Princess of Tongsa, golden bitch, breeder: the Bhutanese Royal family

  • Kunga Dendrup „Balu“ sable dog, breeder: Rinchen Om

  • Rinzin, parti-coloured bitch, litter sister to „Balu“, never used for breeding

  • Tsering, white bitch, breeder unknown, never used for breeding

2)  Imports from Canada
( pure line of dogs imported by Gerald D’Aoust in the 8o’s from Tibetan refugees and descendants of Apsos bred in Drepung monastery, Tibet)

  • Lungta, greysilver bitch, breeder: G.D’Aoust

  • Pato, grey dog, breeder: G.D’Aoust

3)  Pure Tibetan lines from USA

  • Kai-la-sha Kumquat „Pemi“ red bitch, breeder: C. Marley

  • Fu-Kao-Inkstreet, dark redsable dog. Breeder: K.Olesen DK

4)  Straight Hamilton from USA

  • Sharil Justifiable „Justin“, light golden dog, breeder C. Jozwik und A. Andrews

  • Sharbo Senge, dark red sable dog, breeder: S. Rouse-Bryant

  • Taz Dakota Sunset „Cody“, light golden dog, breeder: B. Smith

  • Sharil M.I.B. „Will“, black and tan dog, breeder C.Jozwik und A.Andrews

  • Sharil Tsimba Traschi-Deleg, light golden bitch, breeder: Amy J.Andrews & C. Jozwick

In 1994 Chu Chu Princess of Tongsa, who was a present of the Royal Bhutanese Family to Inge Panitz during her trip to Bhutan, had her first and only litter for her owners in Switzerland. The sire of this litter was Fu Kao Ink Street, bred by Karen Olesen of Denmark. Two bitches from this litter were kept for breeding, although at least two more were of breeding quality; Ani-la went to Traschi-Deleg Kennel and Ashi-la was co-owned by Inge Panitz and Karin Acker and had her puppies in Karin’s von Tri-Song kennel.

In those days, only a few Apso breeders were interested in breeding with these imports, so it wasn’t easy to find homes for puppies with responsible breeders. Some German TT breeders became curious about this interesting project to built up a new Apso line, Ingrid Kuhl (Sin Padma)  fell in love with Ani-la and Gerti Bracksieck gave her to Ingrid a few weeks later.

In 1995 the second TL litter was for Traschi-Deleg kennel. Kunga Dendrup, a male who was bred by Rinchen Om, an old Tibetan lady living in Bhutan, and imported by the Panitz family and Gerti Bracksieck after their third trip to Bhutan, was mated to Kai-La-Sha Kumquat, a small, red very type bitch. Their litter was very interesting; Traschi-Deleg V’Dochu-la went to Ro Witzler, a former TT breeder and now Apso breeder for several years (Bhotiya). Some KTR breeders, again specially T T breeders, were interested in this very typical and refined puppies, and when Christel Hoppe of the well known von Lu-Khang TT kennel saw them she just fell in love with Traschi-Deleg V’Rinzin, off she went with Christel, who later on had some of the nicest TL litter out of her. Karin Acker kept the very typical litter brother “Tibet” for a while, though he was later placed in a pet home.

Later Gerti Bracksieck and Kerstin Handrich chose Am.Ch. Sharil Justifiable to take home for the TL program, especially because of his pedigree went back to predominantly old Everglo. He lived with Ralf Golzem and Markus Horn (Shanti’s) . “Justin” sired several litters in Germany including two TL litters.

In 1996 Gerti Bracksieck and Kerstin Handrich always thinking of the continuing goal to preserve the true type Tibetan Apso, knew that this gene pool needed some more input. They contacted Mr. G.D’Aoust, who had imported quite number of Apsos from Tibetan refugees in Northern India and Nepal to his home in Canada. In June they travelled to Eastern Canada to see his dogs. His breeding stock was already very inbred and they decided to take only one bitch and one male. They saw “Lungta” as an adult girl shaved to the skin and were fascinated by her. She was sent to Berlin a few weeks later in whelp of her kennel mates.

In D’Aoust kennel they saw a beautiful silver bitch, who has a litter just weeks old at the time. Several months later out of that litter, “Pato”, came to Germany and Ro Witzler was very happy to have him in her house, joining her first TL bitch, Doch-la.

Lungta soon became the “queen” in the Bracksieck’s household. She came to Germany very ill and had to be treated, so they are feared for her puppies, but in the end she whelped two healthy pups of nice type, but not better quality than their mother, so they were placed in pet homes.

Pato sired one very nice litter with Rinzin for Christel Hoppe. The pick bitch Khadoma, came to Gerti B.. Her litter brother, Kushog, stays with Karin Acker and has produced some litters for the program and some with non-TL bitches. One of the type sons, Pokahra Balu, breed and owned by Claudia Tödt has been successfully shown and when bred back t the TL bitch Asanga-Chu produced a high quality litter for Karin Acker in 2002.

Pato was a very lovely and type dog, but he brought from Canada a very severe chronic skin infection, which could not be cued, and he had to be put to sleep at young age.

This was a severe step back for the TL program, non mentioning what it meant to Ro Witzler, who very much loved this special little guy.

Karin Acker bred her Chu-Chu daughter to Sharil Justifiable and kept a bitch, Sangha Chu-Chu, a little tall but very well balanced and great moving with a magnificent coat.

Ro Witzler used him for Dochu-la and kept a lovely small, well built up bitch from this breeding, which she later sold to a veterinarian couple who were interested in the program, but unfortunately they only had one litter with her.

At about four months of age the little devil “Sharbo Senge” was sent to Germany. Most time he stayed with Kerstin Handrich and later on in Ro Witzler’ house, and was used for several bitches. He proved to be a dominant sire of his own type, small size and deep red colouring. He had a strong personality and self-confidence of the Apsos in the early days and passed it on to his puppies.

Karin Acker kept W’Asanga-Chu, a nice, typical small daughter of Senge, to continue the line.

Christel Hoppe produced Nyilam and gave her to her TT breeder friend Ilona Schönewolf. Nyilam has her first litter of five type and consistent puppies. Ro Witzler had an even consistent litter out of Dochu-la and Senge. She kept the most lovely Valentin and his litter sister Vashti. Ani-la’s litter of six wasn’t as consistent. Ingrid Kuhl kept an exceptional built bitch with a lovely head, Sin Padma Wang-mo.

In 1999 Kerstin Handrich could get Am.Ch.Taz Dakota Sunset, “Cody”. He lived in Germany with Claudia Tödt. She successfully showed him to his German and International Champion title.

Cody was bred to Dochu-la. The litter was very promising, but Ro Witzler couldn’t keep another dog, so all live in pet homes.

Cody was also bred to Khadoma, and her daughter Gyalmo now lives with Karin Acker and is co-owned with Kerstin Handrich. She is difficult to show, but despite her size is a beautiful bitch. At two years of age Gyalmo has a wonderful coat of best texture, a refined head and just floats when moving.

Christel Hoppe bred Cody to Rinzin and kept a lovely bitch named Shim-tru and her small litter brother Simba. Their tall, but very nice, litter sister Shimi has later a litter of eight really nice puppies.

Cody has brought a lot of improvements to the TL program. He especially produced consistently good bites and healthy, strong rear ends, lovely correct coats, clean type heads and good temperaments.

Ingrid Kuhl bred Chenrezi (100% import) to her Ani-la (50% import, litter sister to Ashi-la) and got a litter of eight black and tan puppies of very original type. The best bitch was kept for breeding and the rest of them are giving joy to their families.

In October 2001 Kerstin Handrich imported a black and tan male Am. Ch. Sharil M.I.B.from USA. “Will” came over to live with Kerstin Handrich for one year. He is a highly intelligent, easy going and sensitive dog, who adapted himself easily to his new living situation.

In 2003 he was bred to Rinzin for her last litter and produced five very dark coloured puppies. Christel Hoppe kept the pick of the litter “Sandur” and Claudia Tödt kept one of the bitches “Tara-lu”. A black and tan little sister will be bred, too.

So far it seems that Will produced excellent bone and well muscled bodies, strong bites, very good coat texture and correct size.

In 2002 Karin Acker bred  Kushog to Asanga-Chu and out of this very nice litter she kept the golden bitch Dza-ti Chu. She lives now in France with Frederique Chancel and was integrated in the French Tibetan Line . Out of both lines Frederique kept a little golden bitch. (www.lhassa-de-gelukpa.com)

Kushog was bred to Gyalmo-la, but only one male was born and lives now in Austria in his new family.

In 2003 Kerstin Handrich imported the small golden bitch “Sharil Tsimba Traschi-Deleg. She is very typey, of best temperament and has a wonderful head and coat of best textur.

In 2004 Chenrezi was bred to Tsimba and a beautiful litter was born. Kerstin kept the two typical bitches Lhamo Lungta and Lhamo Mani. Their litter brother Lobsang Max lives now in France with Annette Morin.

In the same year Chenrezi was bred to Tara-Lu and a nice litter of seven was born. Claudia Tödt kept the bitch “Ha-na Honi-la and the lovely, typical grey male H’Chi-mo enjoys the family from Beate Weckner. Chi-mo is kept for future breeding.

Two examples  for breeding TL program:


In my opinion this TL program was finished with a very satisfied success. There was integrating new blood under consistent ward and considered attention to consolidate and protect the authentic type.

Now it is in the hands of the breeder, to follow the way, which was found out of these knowledge and future breeding with the goal to protect the authentic Lhasa Apso.

I think there is created a good possibility and anymore hope to breed the original Lhasa Apso. The Lhasa Apso is a breed to protect and this TL program has done the first step.

Arranged by Karin Acker
                             ( www.lhasa-apso-kasu.de )


Lhasa Apso Litters of Tibetan Line Program (TL):
Overview (till 2002)

In 1994:
- Fu-Kao Ink Street - Chu-Chu Princess of Tongsa : 3/3
Kept for breeding : Tongsa Chu Ani-la (TL) b, Tongsa Chu Ashi-la (TL) b.

In 1995:
- Kunga Dendrup - Kai-la-sha Kumquat : 2/2
Kept for breeding : Traschi Deleg V’Dochu-la (TL) b, Traschi Deleg V’Rinzin (TL), b.

In 1996:
- Katu - Lungta : 1/1
Kept for breeding : none.
- Sharil Justifiable - Ashi-la Tongsa Chu (TL), : 2/2
Kept for breeding : Sangha Chu-Chu v. Tri-Song (TL), b.

In 1997:
- Sharil Justifiable - Traschi Deleg V’Dochu-la (TL) : 2/1
Kept for breeding : Bhotiya Uma (TL), b.
- Kunga Dendrup - Lungta : 1/2
Kept for breeding : Traschi Deleg Chenrezi (TL) d, Traschi Deleg Chomolari (TL), b.
- Pato - Traschi Deleg V’Rinzin (TL) : 3/3
Kept for breeding : Kushog Traschi Deleg v. Lu-Khang (TL), d. Khadoma Traschi Deleg v. Lu-Khand (TL), b.

In 1998:
- Sharbo Senge - Ani-la Tongsa Chu (TL) : 4/2
Kept for breeding : Sin Padma Wang Tsu (TL), d. Sin Padma Wang-mo (TL), b.
- Sharbo Senge - Traschi Deleg V’Dochu-la (TL) : 3/3
Kept for breeding : Bhotiya Valentin (TL), d. Bhotiya Vashti (TL), b.
- Sharbo Senge - Sangha Chu Chu (TL) v. Tri-Song : 2/3
Kept for breeding : W’Asanga-Chu (TL) v. Tri-Song b.

In 1999:
- Sharbo Senge - Traschi Deleg V’Rinzin (TL) : 2/3
Kept for breeding : Njilam Traschi Deleg v. Lu-Khang (TL), b.
- Kushog Traschi Deleg v.Lu-Khang - Ashi-la Tongsa Chu (TL) : 1/0
Kept for breeding : none

In 2000:
- Taz Dakota Sunset - Traschi Deleg V’Dochu-la (TL) : 2/1
Kept for breeding : none
- Taz Dakota Sunset - Khadoma Traschi Deleg v.Lu-Khang (TL) : 3/1
Kept for breeding : Traschi Deleg Gyalmo-la (TL) b.
Kushog Traschi Deleg v. Lu-Khang (TL) - W’Asanga-Chu (TL) v. Tri-Song : 4/1
Kept for breeding : none
- Traschi Deleg Chenrezi (TL) - Ani-la Tongsa-Chu (TL) : 1/7
Kept for breeding : Sin Padma X’Bhara Chakra (TL), b.

In 2001:
- Bhotiya Valentin (TL) - Tongsa Chu-Ashi-la : 1/0
Kept for breeding : none
- Taz Dakota Sunset - Traschi Deleg V’Rinzin (TL) : 2/3
Kept for breeding : Simba Traschi Deleg v. Lu-Khang (TL) d.; Shimi Traschi Deleg v. Lu-Khang (TL) b.: Shim-tru Traschi Deleg v. Lu-Khang (TL), b.

In 2002:
- Sharil M.I.B. - Traschi Deleg V’Rinzin (TL) : 2/3
Kept for breeding : V’Sandur Traschi Deleg v. Lu-Khang (TL), d.; V’Metog Traschi Deleg v. Lu-Khang (TL), b. : V’Tara-lu Traschi Deleg v. Lu-Khang (TL), b.

Of 19 litters with 80 puppies, 25 were kept for breeding.