The Beginnings of my Breed

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Tradün Chiko


It did not take much longer and we go more company. "Traduen Chiko" and "Traduen Enly" followed in 1985, the year my Kennel started.

I became member of the KRT (club of Tibetan dog breeds) in 1982 where I found a lot of support when I started getting more serious about breeding the Lhasa Apso myself. I learned about pedigrees, hereditary diseases and all the other necessary basic knowledge about the breed. After many years of experience  I have the permission to judge the Tibetan breeds.

Traschi-Deleg Guliang

Traschi-Deleg Jamyang

I decided for the Trashi-Deleg line to breed with since I do appreciate their Lhasa Apso-Type very much and after „Traschi-Deleg Guliang“, called „Zwölfi“ and „Traschi-Deleg Jamyang“ I had typical Lhasa offspring.  

Trachi-Deleg Yogi of Sharil

Traschi-Deleg Guliang

„Traschi-Deleg Yogi of Sharil“, an import from America, produced my female dog „Li-shi von Tri-Song" together with „Zwölfi“. „Ch. Nan-ba von Tri Song“ is a daughter of Zwölfi as well and demonstrate that excellent type I do appreciate so much.

Li-shi von Tri-Song

Ch. Nan-ba von Tri Song

My next females for breeding were „W’Asanga-Chu (TL) von Tri-Song“, „Ashi-La Tongsa-Chu“, and  „Traschi-Deleg Gyalmo-La (TL)“. All are females for TL. I hope to push the type further with this excellent choice.  

W’Asanga-Chu (TL) von Tri-SongAshi-La Tongsa-ChuTraschi-Deleg Gyalmo-La (TL)
W'Asanga-Chu (TL) von Tri-Song         Ashi-La Tongsa-Chu                Traschi-Deleg Gyalmo-la (TL)

Out of "W'Asanga-Ch (TL) von Tri-Song" I've had an excellent litter, the sire was the Kushog-son  "Pokahra Balu"

Chaaya-Chu Nyima von Tri-Song

Chimmy-Chu Nyima von Tri-Song

Chang-po Nyima-Chu von Tri-Song

Cha-tri Nyima-Chu von Tri-Song

Unfortunatly I've lost my females out of the Tibetan Line for breeding and I've to look for a new beginning. My choice was the beautiful and typical female
"Traschi-Deleg Khymo-la". She is half and half our old lines and Tibetan Line.

My goal as a breeder is to come up with a healthy and robust dog which will keep its native ness and won't become just a 'show dog' with a soft, fluffy coat, but a type that would be able to still live and survive in its country of origin: Tibet.