Beginning of the Tibetan Line in the Lhasa Apso Kennel ...von Tri-Song

3 Generationsn Tibetan Line (TL)


right to left:
Ashi-la Tongsa-Chu
(Fu-kao-Ink Street x Chu-Chu Princess of Tongsa)

Sangha-Chu-Chu (TL) von Tri-Song
(Sharil Justifiable x Ashi-la Tongsa-Chu)

W'Asanga-Chu (TL) von Tri-Song
( Sharbo Senge x Sangha Chu-Chu (TL) von Tri-Song)

Gerti Bracksieck asked me some years ago if I would interested in doing something for the old Apso type. I was told that there was a very typey imported  Apso bitch with the Panitz family in Switzerland and that the Panitz family was willing to cooperate in breeding their little bitch. It sounded very interesting to me when I heard about the “Tibetan Line” program, which some breeders wanted to start. The program stands for the preservation of the original Lhasa Apso, which could survive in its country of origin; very different from dogs with tons of coat and huge size that could be seen everywhere.

Chu-Chu Princess of Tongsa
- geb. Sommer 1992
Age of this photo
: 5 Jahre
(Import from Bhutan, parents unknown)
: The Royal Family  Bhutan - owner: Inge Panitz - Schweiz



The Tibetan Line based on imported dogs bred to pure Tibetan lines. Seeing the results of the breedings we have done already, we were quite successful. I especially like in the TL dogs their robustness. They have much vitality and have the very typical coat, double coat: hard hair on top and a normal amount of undercoat. They are very intelligent and still have the original independent personality, comparable to cats. The Apso “thinks” before he cooperates. If he comes to the conclusion that it is nonsense he will react accordingly; mostly he Won’t anything. This might cause problems if people don’t understand the nature of the Apso. Only seldom he growl, if he wants to get out of situation he doesn’t want to do. If people are sensitive enough they can handle these situations, just forcing the dog will never bring the desired result. You have to work together with your Apso. The breed is not for beginners.

With “Chu-Chu Princess of Tongsa”, the little princess of the royal family of Bhutan, my Tibetan Line started.

 Chu-Chu Princess of Tongsa
about 5 months old, a present from the queen from Bhutan

Chu-Chu Princess of Tongsa

“Ashi-la Tongsa-Chu” was my first breeding bitch of the TL dogs, a daughter of the first import bitch “Chu-Chu princess of Tongsa”, (which was a guestpresent to the Panitz family in Switzerland, handed over  the royal dynasty of Bhutan) 

Ashi-La Tongsa-Chu 
- geb. 4.11.1994 
: Fu-Kao Inkstreet
: Chu-Chu Princess of Tongsa
: Inge Panitz (Schweiz) - owner: Karin Acker

Added to my TL dogs was a daughter of ”Ashi-la”- Sangha Chu-Chu  (TL) von Tri-Song” and later again her daughter “W’Asanga-Chu (TL) von Tri-Song” . These are three generations for the Tibetan Line.

W'Asanga-Chu von Tri-Song (TL)
Sharbo Senge x Sangha Chu-Chu (TL) von Tri-Song)

To these I purchased a little, typey male with a “great heart” – “Kushog-Traschi-Deleg von Lu-Khang (TL)”. He is out of breeding “Pato” (Canadian Import from Gerald D’Aoust) and the nice bitch “Traschi-Deleg V’Rinzin(TL)”.

Kushog-Traschi-Deleg von Lu-Kang

(Pato x Traschi-Deleg V' Rinzin)

Our youngest accesss is a very  typey bitch “Traschi-Deleg Gyalmo-la (TL)”, out of breeding “Taz Dakota Sunset” and and the bitch “Khadoma-Traschi-Deleg von Lu-Khang (TL)”.

Traschi-Deleg Gyalmo-la (TL)
Taz Dakota Sunset x Khadoma-Traschi-Deleg von Lu-Khang)

Together with friendly breeders we build up this „TL-program“ which is on the initiative of Gerti Bracksieck and Kerstin Handrich (Traschi-Deleg)

We hope to preserve the origin type and character of the Lhasa Apso with this program. We think that all will be lost after a time when we don’t selective the right.

My best dogs from "Tibetan Line" are Sangha Chu-Chu (TL) von Tri-Song, her daughter W'Asanga-Chu (TL) von Tri-Song and W'Asanga's daughter Dza-ti-Chu von Tri-Song (TL). 

Sangha Chu-Chu (TL) von Tri-Song

(Sharil's Justifiable x Ashi-la Tongsa-Chu (TL))

W'Asanga-Chu von Tri-Song (TL)
Sharbo Senge x Sangha Chu-Chu (TL) von Tri-Song)

Dza-ti-Chu von Tri-Song (TL)
(Kushog-Traschi-Deleg von Lu-Khang x W'Asanga-Chu von Tri-Song (TL))

Dza-ti-Chu with her first daughter
Chogyal Princess-Chu des Cyres de Gelukpa

The father is

  B'Fo de la Garde Adhemar (Franz. TL)

Dza-ti lives now with Frederique Cancel in France and has a puppy  with a male out of the French Tibetan line
 More on Frederiques website:

Zham-Ling von Tri-Song (TL)
Sire: Kushog-Traschi-Deleg von Lu-Khang
mother: Ashi-la Tongsa Chu
breeder: Karin Acker 
owner: Fam. Witt

Zham-ling von Tri-Song (TL)
Sire: Kushog-Traschi-Deleg von Lu-Khang 
 mother: Ashi-la Tongsa-Chu
breeder : Karin Acker - Besitzer: Fam. Witt

W'Tashi-Tagye von Tri-Song (TL)
Sire. Sharbo Senge
mother: Sangha Chu-chu von Tri-Song
breeder: karin Acker - Besitzer: Fam. Witt

Zham-ling and Tashi with their puppies Tara and Shiva

 There are some more very nice TL dogs out of my breeding, but they are living in pethomes, for it is difficult to find good people for these treasures. All are robust and agile, they jump and climb, have the ideal coat and the typical temperament. They have quality and healthiness, impressing in their vitality.
I believe, that we are on the right track with the "Tibetan Line", breeding them to our old lines brought high quality dogs, like Chaaya-Chu Nyima von Tri-Song, ( she lives with Susanne Borchert) her litter brothers Chimi-Chu Nyima von Tri-Song (He is placed in Swizerlandand with family Panitz). Chang-po Nyima Chu von Tri-Song and Cha-tri Nyima Chu  von Tri-Song live with Frederique Chancel in France.

Karin Acker

 Wang-Dü Pokhara von Tri-Song (TL)
- geb. 24.6.1998
: Sharbo Senge
: Sangha Chu-Chu  von Tri-Song (TL)
: Karin Acker - owner: Mrs. Jacobs
Traschi-Deleg V'Dochu-La
- geb. 10.5.1995
: Kunga Dendrup
: Kai-La-Sha Kumquat
: G. Bracksieck/K.Handrich - owner: R. Witzler