Everything has got a beginning ...

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And ours was like:

Since I was used to have dogs around at my parental home, i managed to convince my husband to get ourselves a dog too. Back then we still lived in the 4th floor of a block unit, so it was obvious we can't have a big dog.  We needed a practical dog, something small, a dog that is easy to carry on your arms.

So, we collected information and started to search for a........YORKSHIRE TERRIER

Rila (1982-1993) I have been browsing thru the newspapers and found an address of a breeder near Flensburg, which is close to our place. The breeder had different kinds of dogs and when we saw the Yorkshire puppies, we did not like them at all.

In a box next to the Yorkshire Terriers there were those fluffy, cuddly ball of hair. It was love at first sight.

Our first Lhasa-Apso dog Rila move into our home, and our hearts. From then on we were captivated by the charms of this breed.  

...that was 1982

What we did not know back then is ---that the breeder was actually no breeder but a dogs dealer.

A couple of years later we rented a little house so we bought another Lhasa. I tried to find out more about the Lhasa-Apso breed, but it was still rather unknown in Germany.

We decided then to write to the VDH (club of german dogs) and asked where we could find a Lhasa Apso breeder. Our request has been passed on to the KTR (club of Tibetan dog breeds) and the KTR sent us addresses of breeders that would have puppies in their breed around that time.  

This way we got to know Karin Acker. We obtained 'Ba-Lu_Sha' from her. That is 16 years ago no and we still know each other and became close friends. In fact it was her who infected us wit the "Lhasa Apso' Virus for the rest of our lives.  

My husband registered in 1987 for membership at the international club for tibetan dog breeds and i followed him in 1990.  

Under supervision of Karin Acker, we exhibited our 'Ba-Lu-Sha' at international dog shows.

Ba-Lu-Sha von Tri-Song (1986-2002)
In 1992 we got Han-Chika von Tri-Song into our Lhasa family, a female dog from English lines.

Han-Chika von Tri-Song (1992-1998)

My biggest wish was it, to witness the a Lhasa Apso littering their puppies. Karin granted me the wish and this experience changed my life. From then on we wanted to breed ourselves as well.  
Mrs. Bracksieck and Mr.s Handrich gave us in 1994 Traschi-Deleg Tomu-La, a small, ebony coloured female dog.

Traschi-Deleg Tomu-La (geb. 1994)

With her our own breed started to form....