Our first littering ...

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Lhasa-Apso-Zwinger Othangi´s

I have been lucky enough to be capable of consulting Karin Acker about pedigrees, diseases, type, characteristics etc. for my own breed. I learned so much from her. It is great to have someone at your side that is so experienced and willed to share.  

We needed to decide for a good male dog after we registered our Tomu-La as an offical breeding dog and after obtaining the kennel name 'Othangi's'. Its been very difficult to find a good match for our Tomu-La.

Eventually we decided for Traschi-Deleg Jamyang, a dog from Karin Acker's breed. 62 long days later, after lots of suspense and endless waiting periods, Tomu-La littered four healthy puppies: 2 male and 2 female puppies.

Its been a beautiful experience to be part of the breeding process.

von li nach re: Othangi´s Akim (Rüde), Angel Ab-tru (Hündin), Ayala (Hündin) und Azuma (Rüde)
By now we had our fifth littering already and we don't want to miss the beautiful moments with those adorable puppies anymore.