A short family introduction

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At the home of the Borcherts we do have the following family members at the moment:
Two legged members: 

Udo, my husband, who shares the passion for the Lhasa Apso with me, though its not always easy for him to be surrounded by so many two- and four-legged female creatures. I want to thank Udo from all my heart to make all this possible for me...

Our daughter Sina-Pia who enjoys taking our dogs for a walk, especially Chandra...

And last but not least, myself, Susanne, who takes care of the family, dogs and friends and tries her best to keep everyone close together.


Sina, Udo und Welpe Azuma

Four-legged family members:
Yeshi was successful selected for breeding.

HD-A, PL 0/0
Yeshi's Pedigree:
Ajasanga A-pa Subijasa Schei-da Tienschan's Traschi-Deleg Dschowo Traschi-Deleg Rabten-la
Traschi-Deleg B'Droma
Shimi Traschi-Deleg von Lu-Khang(TL) Taz Dakota Sunset
Traschi-Deleg V'Rinzin (TL)
Othangi's E'Yangh-chen Traschi-Deleg E'Sönam Traschi-Deleg Bönpo
Traschi-Deleg Ukpa-la
Chaaya-Chu Nyima von Tri-Song Pokahra Balu
W'Asanga-Chu von Tri-Song (TL)
wellbeloved from our girls....

Tong-Hua H'Jalus Sangye

HD-A , PL-free, successful selected for breeding

birth: 21.02.2008
His pedigree:
Everglo Terso of Bo Kai-La-Sha Cruise Control Kai-La-Sha Tenzing
Kai-La-Sha Charlies Angel
Everglo Sara Lee Too Everglo Lingo's Foo Kyi-Po
Lingo's Thum-Pe
Tong-Hua Dolmo-la Kai-La-Sha Soldier of Fortune Kai-La-Sha Just A Gigolo
Kai-La-Sha Alpenrose of Bo
Tong-Hua B'ter Pon-ya Lamel Tong-Hua Tenzin Gyatso Bo
Tse-mo von Tri-Song

Othangi's E' Yangh-chen
(Ch. Traschi-Deleg E' Sönam x Chaaya-Chu Nyima von Tri-Song)

Chaaya's daughter is very  typical.

She is our little treasure and we love her very much.
She is out of our old lines and the Tibetan Line (TL)
She is a special one!




Traschi-Deleg E'Sönam Traschi-Deleg Bönpo Traschi-Deleg Jamyang
Künsag Traschi-Deleg von Tri-Song
Traschi-Deleg Ukpa-la Traschi-Deleg Rabten-La
Traschi-Deleg Gawa-La
Chaaya-Chu Nyima von Tri-Song Pokahra Balu Kushog-Traschi-Deleg von Lu-Khang (TL)
Tongsa-Chu Chira
W'Asanga-Chu von Tri-Song (TL) Sharbo Senge
Sangha Chu-Chu T.L. von Tri-Song

In lovely memory

Chaaya-Chu Nyima von Tri-Song
( Pokahra Balu x W'Asanga-Chu (TL) von Tri-Song)

our little collector....

out of a combination of our excellent old lines and Tibetan lines (TL)

Our little mouse:
E'Chag-pa-la von Subijasa Scheida


Othangi`s Chandra

Othangi`s Chandra
(Kushog-Traschi-Deleg von Lu-Khang (TL) x
Traschi-Deleg Tomu-La)

 our Tibetan princess that loves everyone


 Othangi´s Ba-Nichi-Nai
(Sharbo Senge x Traschi-Deleg Tomu-La)

- 2010

Traschi-Deleg Tomu-la
(Traschi-Deleg Gyaltsen x Künsang Traschi-Deleg von Tri-Song)
1994 - 2008)

Ba-Lu-Sha von Tri-Song (1986-2002)
Ba-Lu-Sha von Tri-Song
(Kai-La-Sha Tom-Tru x Tradün En-ly)
(1986 - 2002)


Rila (1982-1993)
Rila Zora Lhasa von Roy



Han-Chika von Tri-Song
(En-Chico von Tri-Song x Nedlik Hopeful Lady)
(1990 - 1997)